Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Return policy on vacation days?

Wouldn't it be nice if PTO/vacation days came with a 100% satisfaction guarantee?  Seems like everytime I take a day off work it is so I can just work on other things like the my house, sit with sick kids, or do anything other than actually take a vacation.  When I do finally get to schedule a day off that is intended for R&R, why does life seem to always give me a bag full of rotten lemons when all I want is some sweet lemonade?  In the words of my children:  "It's just not fair!"  I should write Consumer Reports and give a bad review for this "As Seen On TV" gimic called "Vacation Days" because of their disceptive marketing, horrible customer support, and for consistently under delivering of their promises.

1 comment:

  1. you know that is what july 14-21st is for. i know exactly how you feel, that is why i hope for a relaxing vacation for a week at least once a year. let me know if you ever want a day out to just go fishing, my son will take you to the lake.