Thursday, October 20, 2011

VCDA410 Tomorrow! A LOT nervous!

From what I am reading, very smart people are saying this is the hardest test they have ever had to take for an IT certification.  There are apparently about 40 exam questions, all of which require configuration in a real lab environment, and there are ONLY 4 hours to do it.  4 hours seems like a lot right?  I am starting to sweat bullets here because doing the math on that, it is about 6 minutes per question, which means I will be expected to just get it done and move on.  This is not my style.  I tend to analyze, configure, re-analyze, and then re-analyze again.  And the worst part, I won't know my results for up to 2 weeks after.  Again, not my style!  I like instant gratification!  Agh!!  Back to studying.

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