Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trying 1-Db Overdrive

I'm normally not one to be sold on a product, especially a supplement or weight loss product.  I know after doing the South Beach Diet for several months that the best diets are those with a good mix of healthy eating, lower caloric intake, and regular exercise.  No tricks or gimmicks required.  However, I have had a total lack of motivation in the exercise department lately, and eating low calories is hard because I was always hungry and would blow it at dinner.  I wanted to do the South Beach Diet again, but my wife is already at her goal weight (GREAT JOB BABE!) and it is too much of a struggle to get my kids eating like that, so it would pretty much be me doing it by myself which equates to near impossible.  So... what to do...?

I had heard a radio commercial for 1-Db overdrive.  Then I heard another commercial on a different station, then another on yet another station.  I thought to myself, this stuff must either work pretty well, or they have a hella good marketing team with deep pockets.  I was between trying it and the HCG diet craze (the one apparently with pregnant woman pee drops).  Some friends of ours were really successful with the HCG diet but I wasn't sure if made sense for me.  Anyway, after quite a bit of soul searching (on Google), I decided HCG was not right for me at this time.  So that pretty much left 1-Db or nothing.

So the next day, I was eating lunch with Blaze (from http://fortiblazin.blogspot.com) and was talking about HCG and why I didn't think it was a good idea.  He mentioned that he wanted to try 1-Db Overdrive.  What timing!  I guess great minds really do think alike!  After we talked about it for a bit, we decided to just head over to Supplement Superstore and get it.  I was a little leery of paying so much for something I still had some doubt about, but Blaze was determined to buy it so he said he would split the first one with me.  After mentioning (admitting) we were sold by the radio ads on 105.7 The Point (thanks Woody and Riz!) we got a discount and it came out to be around $75 + tax.  It is probably that much anyway, they just make you feel good by giving you a "discount", but I can't complain about a 25% savings.  I also picked up a sample of the 1-Db Goddess for my wife.  This was at her request by the way.  If I showed up at home and out of the blue gave her a diet supplement to try I can only imagine the doom that would follow.

When we got back to the office, we separated out the bottles of 1-Db Overdrive and Thyro-Burner (the FAST Pack).  This should last us 2 - 4 weeks each, depending on 1 pill twice a day or 2 pills twice a day.  We each took 1 Overdrive and 1 Thyro-Burner at around 1:30pm.  By about 1:45pm I could feel it doing something because my body felt warm and my leg was bouncing.  I didn't however notice any real improvement in focus :(  I know, it is probably all in my head, but at this point I'm pretty much willing to try anything to get more motivated and have a little more energy.

Just for reference, I get about as much exercise per day as a rock.  I've never ran over a mile in my life, and I only did that once!  I work in IT at a desk and my home life is pretty sedentary as well.  Wish me luck!

So begins my public dieting story.  Starting weight September 12:  252.  Goal weight by October 1:  235.


  1. have you noticed any difference? did it work? Just wondering because i just started it and kind of nerves about taking a supplement like this any info would be great. Thanks

  2. Wow, sorry for the delay, I guess I missed the notification that there was a comment. Anyway, they definitely seem to help as far as an appetite suppressant goes, but I don't really notice any major improvement in focus or energy. My body still hates working out and it doesn't seem to help motivate me or anything. I've been on again, off again, which I know is not good, but I stopped back in September after my surgery (different blog post), then I just stopped packing it in my lunch for some reason. Needless to say over the holidays I packed on a little extra cushion and am back to taking them again. They definitely help me get through the day without feeling too hungry. Hopefully this helps. Good luck and let me know what your experience is with it!

  3. Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks....

  4. I have been working out since January. i take an HIIT or comfit class. It is similar to crossfit, but it is mostly body weight exercises, like pilates. Anyway, I have lost 50 lbs, adn I am within 15 lbs of my perfect weight. I am already at ideal weight. I exercise 4 evenings per week and run 3 mornings per week. My diet is already clean'ish. I have about 10% of my meals that are cheat meals.
    I am wondering if the DB would work in my situation, or if it is more of a starter type diet thing??

  5. I really need to get a handle on this whole reply concept... sorry :) In case you couldn't tell, I'm probably the last person you should ask this type of question too. Congratulations on your success though! From my experience, the 1-DB product seems to really help curb appetite and does seem to offer a little extra focus and energy. Like I've said before though, maybe it is just a mental thing. I honestly haven't taken it consistently enough to give any real advice for your situation.

  6. I have used this and My energy is soooo UP it is great. I have a paper route i run in the wee hrs of the morning, and a regular job from 2-10 This allows me to still wake up and get the kids off to school.....and with out, i barely wake up to watch them walk to the bus stop, and they have to dress, and feed themselvs.... ITS AN AWESOME PRODUCT

  7. So, I was looking into 1db and what a surprise to look up and see Who had written the review. u were always my hero even when Mark and I used to ET you when u were little. haha.