Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sorry Microsoft but I am falling for Google again (part 2)

I started looking at Google's services a little more after I found that the two big complaints I had back in the day seem resolved at this point and things are looking better than ever.  I found a way to get OneNote synced up to Google Docs using a tool called DAV-pocket and I can now access all the services that I use through my Google Apps account!  Life is great!  I will still have two separate accounts, but they can now be linked so I can easily switch between the two.  This is fine for now and I will eventually be consolidating them, but I am happier than a tornado in a trailer park (yes, I've seen Cars too many times :)).  Anyway, I'm going to slowly start the journey back to Google Apps tonight for at least a few things.  I may leave it split between Live and Apps for a few reasons:

#1 SkyDrive:  Hey, it's 25GB of free storage!  I can't pass that up.
#2 Office Web Apps:  I still use this quite a bit at work so I don't see this going away.  The whole Microsoft Gold Partner thing you know.
#3 My Wife:  If I tell her she is going to have to change her email settings again she will cut off my .... dinner.  What?!  She can be ruthless but come on, what did you think?

Anyway, I may be having this same debate again in a couple of months when Apple officially releases its iCloud service offering.  I do very much like my iPhone.

Maybe the smartest thing for me to do would be focus on developing a unified portal to all of these free public clouds so I could use them all for what they are best at.  Hmmm... just what I need, another shiny thing to catch my attention.  Stupid ADD.  Oh well, gotta stay busy somehow!  (just a hint of sarcasm there in case you couldn't tell)

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